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With the Growing interest over the past few years of the restoration of old tractors, Honiton Hill Rally tractor section has also had to grow. The section in the 1990's used to attract up to a 100 exhibits but with the recent increase in people wishing to exhibit tractors, Honiton Hill Rally now has a section which has had to be limited to 150 exhibits. Unfortunately each year we have more applications than 150 but site space and Main ring parade time requires us to be strict with our 150 limit.

The exhibits on show each year are a varied selection of tractors, from the rare and shinny restored tractors that have had many hours of work on them, to the daily worked tractor that has just had a wash and brush up ready for a well earned day out. Tractors from all parts of the country being displayed by their proud owners, big ones, small ones, garden tractors, crawlers & forestry exhibits all on show at this lovely Devon venue.


Drivers & passengers must comply with current vehicle, licensing & highway laws on rally field.

Mark Rosewell

Section Leader


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